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About Us

In 2008 in Los Angeles, California, TMG Concepts was founded in response to the market demand of Fortune 500 clients.  These large companies were in need for a more effective, personal and results-driven approach to acquiring new customers.  Since then, TMG Concepts has helped establish and execute successful sales and marketing campaigns across Southern California, New Jersey and New York.  Today, TMG Concepts is the premier sales and consulting firm in Cleveland, Ohio providing opportunities for professionals to get their start in business and entrepreneurship.

Here at TMG Concepts we understand the struggles our clients face with their current forms of advertising.  In today's digital age sales and marketing has taken the form of ads on the internet, emails to your inbox, or banner ads in your app.  In response, TMG Concepts has taken a very personalize, niche approach specializing in direct face to face sales and marketing.  TMG Concepts takes pride in building personal relationships with our existing and potential customers.  Over the years our unique face to face sales and marketing approach has proved successful for clients in the telecommunications, cable and business supply industry.  No matter what the industry, TMG Concepts understands the market's need for a relationship-based sales and marketing strategy.  By focusing our efforts on face to face, TMG Concepts is able to bring our clients increased brand awareness, establishing relationships with new life-long customers, and higher levels of customer loyalty with already existing customers.

TMG Concepts's success since 2008 has increased the demand by our clients to have teams that represent their brands with professionalism, knowledge and respect.  We have seen that our best team leaders start from the ground up, learning our business model from the start and building a strong foundation in an already successful environment.  With our systematic training program we have found that individuals from any background can be successful in our company.  TMG Concepts believes that quality business depends on the synergy between individuals of varying backgrounds, resources, and skills.  Our unique business model allows us to only promote from within, guaranteeing team members that work hard, continually learn, and consistently perform an opportunity to move into a leadership role.

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