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“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

One important key to success is self-confidence and an important key to self-confidence is preparation.  By preparing for our week, our day, the next task, we can feel more confident in our execution.  Typically 30 minutes in preparation allows us to save at least 2 hours in execution.  By failing to prepare we prepare for failure.

Here are TMG's 3 Tips for Preparation:

1) Say NO as needed

We can't do everything for everyone.  We have to focus on our priorities and the things that are going to get us closer to our goals.  Should we say yes to happy hour or yes to going to the gym?  Saying no to something allows us to say yes to something else and hopefully that something else is getting us closer to our goals.

2) Perfect practice makes perfect

The difference between ineffective and effective practice means the difference between mediocrity and mastery. If you’re not practicing deliberately — whether it’s a foreign language, a musical instrument or any other new skill — you might as well not practice at all.

3) The best preparation for tomorrow is do the best for today

All you have to do is try your best every day.  Some people give up in the day and procrastinate for the next day.  Instead, put in the best effort today to set yourself up for success the next day.  Prepare your meal, outfit, bag, binder, goals, tasks the day before and you will be way more confident and ready for the day tomorrow!

“It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.”

Vision: Do you have one?

TMG Concepts

We played a game during our morning meeting.  We blindfolded one team member and asked them to throw a tennis ball in the trash can.  No matter how talented this person was, even if they play basketball like Lebron James, without seeing where the trashcan was, they can't make their shot.  For ambitious individuals without a vision it will be difficult for them to succeed.

Vision can be used as motivation, that is imaging all the good things to come: freedom of time and money, traveling, success, future family, car, etc.  Vision can also have negative motivation, imagining what we don't want, the struggles, and obstacles in our way.

Here are TMG's 3 tips to cast your own vision:

1) Know where you are going
What is it that you want? Where do you see yourself 2, 5, 10 years from now?  What kind of career do you have? What kind of relationships do you have?

2) How to get there
What is your game plan?  How are you going to connect the dots?  Setting short term goals to reach your long term vision.

3) What's in it for your team
How will you get your team bought into your vision?  Include them in it!  How are you going to help other people get to their goals?

What is your vision? Where do you want to see yourself going


Simplicity: John Maxwell's Word of the Day

TMG Concepts

KISS: Keep it short and simple!

It's not easy keeping it simple.  We've been taught growing up to have an extensive vocabulary and to sound more eloquent.  As a leader however, sometimes it's better to use simple words to get a point across.  Try explaining something as if you were talking to your 7 year old nephew.  It's sounds easier than it actually is!

Simple Rituals to Reach Your Potential Everyday

TMG Concepts

We really liked this article from FastCompany (one of our favorite magazines).  You can check out the full article here.

We wanted to add a few of our own TMG Tips to this list!

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast!

Eating within the first hour of waking up really helps jump start the metabolism and helps fuel you for the day.

2. Breathe and Meditate!

Take 5 to 10 minutes to take in a few deep breaths and focus at any point of the day.  Meditating and clearing our minds  really helps us to be mentally prepared for our next task, challenge, or meeting.

3. Read!

Even reading a minimum of 5 minutes a day helps keep our brains sharp and ready to learn.  We think it really helps with our creativity when we're ready to problem solve.

Those are TMG's additional tips.  Do you have any rituals that help you reach your potential?

Promotions in Los Angeles!

TMG Concepts

It was awesome to celebrate Sam and Ryan's promotions in Los Angeles last week.  The promotion "ceremony" was filled with emotions!  From thank yous and sharing struggles and triumphs, to tear jerking videos from family members who couldn't make it to the promotion.  Big thank yous to the team that decorated, brought cake, helped clean up, put videos together, etc.  The promotion wouldn't be possible without the amazing team!

Here are some of our favorite pictures: