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Growth Opportunities

Company and Client Growth

In 2008, TMG Concepts was founded in response to our Fortune 500 clients' need for brand recognition and differentiating themselves in the market place.  Large companies employ us to drive their sales and marketing through a personal, relationship building approach with their retail customers.  TMG Concepts specializes in promotional marketing, sales, and customer acquisitions for some of the most respected companies in telecom, business supplies, and solar.  TMG Concepts is proud to say that our commitment to our clients has allowed us to offer them 100% return on their marketing and sales dollar.  We focus our strategies with face to face.

We offer our clients 100% return on their marketing and sales dollar - a statement few other marketing companies can make. By focusing our efforts on a face to face, relationship-based marketing and sales approach, we are able to bring our clients life-long customers with increased name-brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty.


Individual Growth

We believe what makes TMG Concepts so successful are our team members with varying backgrounds, talents and strengths.  TMG Concepts provides such systematic training and growth that anyone who puts in 110% regardless of previous experience or personal background can be successful.  We believe that our best managers and leaders start from the ground up within our company so it is our firm policy that everyone starts in the entry level position.  Promotions are merit and performance base and 100% internal.  We can guarantee our team members the kind of career opportunities and growth potential that can't be found anywhere else.  Because of this philosophy, we plan on expanding to 3 new offices throughout the United States and internationally through 2017. 

If growth within is something you're looking for check out our Jobs page for the various positions available.